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Most similar resumés to Holy Cross 2023

Ranks for this year are projected final ranks.

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Team Year NET Resume WAB ELO Power Seed Type Rd
Holy Cross 2023 337 361 346 337 340 - ??? ???
Green Bay2022343355353349337-Miss-
Bethune Cookman2014343351347336336-Miss-
Holy Cross2022344353345338345.7-Miss-
Delaware St.2022357356358358355.7-Miss-
Mississippi Valley St.2022355357356355356.7-Miss-
Charleston Southern2022349354350351346.3-Miss-
Idaho St.2022342347347337336.3-Miss-
Central Connecticut2016351351351349351-Miss-
North Carolina A&T2017350351351351349-Miss-

Compiled by Bart Torvik from sacred data and secret formulas.