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Team Totals

Minimum No. of attempts:
At the rim:
Other twos:
All kinds:

2020 Player Play-by-Play splits

Dunks At the rim Other twos Threes TOT
Player Team Conf Tot Tot FG% Share Ast'd Tot FG% Share Ast'd Tot FG% Share Ast'd Ast'd
1 Ivan Aurrecoechea New Mexico St. WAC11-1193-13767.961.451.632-7741.634.521.93-933.3410045.3
2 Johnny McCants New Mexico St. WAC27-2871-10269.65647.97-1353.87.1026-6738.836.896.256.7
3 Jabari Rice New Mexico St. WAC5-557-956037.436.813-3735.114.653.847-12238.54889.459.8
4 Trevelin Queen New Mexico St. WAC26-3157-8666.333.931.612-4129.316.116.748-12737.85077.148.7
5 Terrell Brown New Mexico St. WAC0-019-3751.418.831.68-2433.312.22545-13633.16997.872.2
6 Shunn Buchanan New Mexico St. WAC0-014-3046.738.57.13-103012.833.39-3823.748.710042.3
7 C.J. Bobbitt New Mexico St. WAC0-017-2860.722.247.111-2839.322.254.517-7024.355.610068.9
8 Evan Gilyard New Mexico St. WAC1-18-1844.417.112.59-2634.624.811.123-6137.758.178.350
9 William McNair New Mexico St. WAC2-510-1855.666.7803-933.333.366.70-000076.9
10 Shawn Williams New Mexico St. WAC1-15-862.57206-2227.319.333.328-8433.373.796.476.9
11 AJ Harris New Mexico St. WAC0-03-47530.800-3023.102-633.346.25020
12 Bryce Rewalt New Mexico St. WAC0-01-110012.500-1012.503-6507510075
13 Tennessee Owens New Mexico St. WAC0-00-102000-00003-4758066.766.7
14 Dajour Joseph New Mexico St. WAC0-00-105000-00000-105000
15 Robert Brown New Mexico St. WAC0-00-00001-42510000-00000

Compiled by Bart Torvik from publicly available data.